First and second run sold out

March 2, 2014 in Are You Cereal?, Music

After burning a bunch of CDs they all sold within the week, so I burnt a second load and they are almost gone too. Think I have 3 left at this point. Have received varying feedback from, nah that’s terrible you can keep it, to wow thats awesome I want more, can you write some more?

It was awesome fun, and something not many people can say they have done.  Hard at work now writing more music, doing it very differently in my own head so Im not sure if its going to end up better or worse, but it is going to be a little different.

Thanks to all those who bought my CD and for everyones support.

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    CD’s Ready

    February 8, 2014 in Are You Cereal?, Music

    Hi World, just finished printing and burning a bunch of CD’s to give away.  Was awesome fun and I am stoked that things went this far. These things could be worth a fortune when I  get big and famous.

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      February 8, 2014 in Are You Cereal?, Music

      Been playing with some different tunings in preparation for some new songs. Have tried open D and open D minor  to get some real grungy sad sounds, so far Im loving them. Also trying drop D and standard D. Have recorded about 6 different songs so far, not sure how many of them Ill keep but I am enjoying the new sounds and really like how the songs sounding. Cant wait to finish them ready for release.

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        The Art of Eat Lead

        December 25, 2013 in Art

        Got a canvas the other day to see if it would inspire any spontanious creative urges. Sat down yesterday and this came out. Not what I expected but still doesn’t look too bad if you don’t stand too close.

        Dark passage

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          Eat Lead Earthlings now on soundcloud

          October 11, 2013 in Are You Cereal?

          I have uploaded the first 8 tracks to so the public can suffer the audio abuse I have crafted.

          Please go have a listen and post some comments, like your favorite song, and if you don’t like it then kiss my ass and do better yourself. :P

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